CRJ Test Flight

G’day all, todays pictures are of my CRJ Test Flight.

I wanted to test the aircraft with sharp banks, stall test, G force test and a steep climb. For those of you who are wondering I got the aircraft down to about 106 Knots without it stalling but the aircraft was falling from the sky so I pitched up and got a stall speed of 110 knots. The crew on board are Third Officer James Bond, First Officer Michael Phelps and Captain Craig Federighi. There are 15 flight examiners also on board collecting the data and monitoring the flight. My call sign was Test Flight 094.

The flight was conducted in solo mode, I flew from Chicago O’Hare International Airport (KORD) to Chicago Rockford International Airport (KRFD), the flight was flown at noon.

1 Parked at gate, turning on flight examiners computers.

2 Rotating out of Chicago O’Hare International Airport for a steep climb.

3 Stall test at FL240 (24,000 Feet).

4 Sharp left bank test, reached 2Gs during this test.

5 Sharp right bank test, reached 2Gs during this test.

6 Beginning descent into Chicago Rockford International Airport.

7 On final Approach into Chicago Rockford International Airport.

8 Touchdown at Chicago Rockford International Airport with a very hard landing, cough cough Ryanair landing

9 Parked at gate, flight examiners exporting aircraft data.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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  • 1 - At Gate
  • 2 - Rotating
  • 3 - Stall Test
  • 4 - Bank Right
  • 5 - Bank Left
  • 6 - Beginning Descent
  • 7 - On Final
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Wow, great pictures once again! They’re great!

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Thanks again mate.

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I like these photos! It must of took you a lot of skill to fly in all of that fog!

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Thanks mate.


Awesome photos! Great job!

Thanks mate.