CRJ series stability during ascent/descent

Hey everyone, I’m finding the CRJ series aircraft quite hard to control whilst ascending/descending. When I go to pitch up a bit to climb faster or try to descend at a faster rate the nose bounces up and down a lot. When for example I try and descend from 800fpm to 1200fpm the descent rate fluctuates wildly between like 300fpm-1700fpm for 30 seconds or so, causing the nose of the aircraft to bounce up and down before reaching the desired rate. Can anyone help? Cheers

For starters, knowing your weight configuration, and climb/descent speeds would help.

About full max landing weight. I’m just going like 200-250kts up to 10k feet and then up to about 430-450kts GS at cruise. The instability happens as I’m going about 300kts between 15-20k feet normally

Taking a video would also help.

The only thing that comes to mind causing this are wind gusts.

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Like @Reedgreat said… a video will help.

Okay I’ll try to get a video at some point. I’ve been on IF for ages and am very proficient at flying the other aircraft. I’ve also watched tutorials etc on the CRJ’s so I’m not sure what’s going on. I think they’re cool aircraft and obviously very detailed as they were a recent release so I want to be able to fly them

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CRJ needs nose up trim for landing and take off. Without it it’s a disaster. I enjoy these planes.

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