CRJ questions

1.When I Land a CRJ and use rudder to get straight onto the center line the plane tends to drift off the runway or almost.
2. When I land the Crj family and get a decent flare the plane just slams into the ground
Can anyone help.

Hey there!
CRJs are a tricky family to handle, I would have the same problem but one thing that helped me become better at that was looking at the tutorials on YT.

Another thing was to go on “Solo” and practice a short flight from KSAN-KLAX (Feel free to choose whatever airports you like) to get used to how much I should pitch up on takeoff/Landing.

Of course conditions will vary but the videos below include great tips to keep in mind in general. Hopefully they help :)

Tutorials on CRJ Family


Monitor your speed closely on landing, and set trim at 15-25 depending on flaps and ease the nose down slowly. I been flying it a lot and have gotten remarkably better at it. good luck!

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