CRJ Questions

I have a few questions about the CRJ, in real life.

  1. Shortly After flap retraction, the engines sound like the throttle is increasing. Why is that? What is that? In the video, flap retraction is at 9:30’and it sounds like the throttle is being increased at 9:46. The video is just an example, I’ve heard it in many other videos too. Any explanation?

  2. I read that all CRJ landings are done at full flaps, flaps 45. Why is this? Many planes such as the 737 don’t use full flaps for landing except on short runways.


The CRJ will be reworked(I believe)

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This is about the real world CRJ

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I’m sure some of our CRJ pilots will respond but this link has some good explanations with technical details. Not specific to the CRJ but the thought behind it could be the same for others.

From one of their comments " The plane needs high engine thrust to get off the ground but once airborne and low, it also doesn’t want to disturb nearby residences, so power would be cut back to enough to maintain a climb. Once high enough where engine noise isn’t a problem, climbing thrust would kick in."


I never hear the engines power back though. Only throttle up.

Thank you for the link, it’s incredibly informative.

It will vary in real life. Noise noise abatement procedures (can’t exceed over a certain decibel) , sometimes atc will clear you to say 3,000 And rwy heading , well 3,000 comes up real quick, so throttle must be pulled back, also keep in mind of speed limits in airspace and published SIDs .

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