CRJ Questions (not about the rework)

  1. Shortly after flap retraction on takeoff, the engines sound like the power is being increased not reduced. In the video United Express (ExpressJet) CRJ-200 Full Flight Experience - YouTube flap retraction is at 9:30, and is sounds like the throttle is being increased at 9:46. What is this? The linked video is one examples, I’ve heard it in many other videos, so I’m assuming whatever it is is SOP?

  2. I read that all normal CRJ landings are done at full flaps (45) why is this? Most planes such as the 737 don’t use full flaps for landing except on short runways.

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I know, but I’m unable to post there.

That could be for other reasons for throttle increase.

Then don’t post? I don’t go to a fancy restaurant and then refuse to pay because I can’t afford it.