CRJ pushback issue


Has anyone had the issue of the pushback button suddenly disabled in a CRJ while parked?

Did you disengage the parking bake before trying to push back?

Yup I did that

Upon pressing Pushback, the Parking Brake will disengage.

Does the Pushback button box illuminate yellow when you press it or is there no reaction to your press at all?

Have you tried restarting your device and Infinite Flight?

Disengaging the parking brake while parked will disable the pushback button. You’ll need to re-engage the parking brake before trying to pushback. It’s not CRJ specific.

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Once you press the Parking Brake like @Zuhair.Mazhar said, you’ll see the Pushback Button box highlight white, then the PBB will turn yellow once pushback activates.

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No reaction at all. I did restart. But it’s only with a CRJ for some reason

I appreciate everyone’s input though. Thank you!

It still doesn’t work if you press the parking brake first then pushback?

Oh my, maybe the Ground personnel went on strike. Which airport were you at? 😉

Better luck tomorrow, maybe the strike is over then.

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