CRJ problems

No matter what I do, the CRJs literally go sideways on take off…


Rudder and alieron into the wind will help you on takeoff and landing

maybe the winds?

There is probably gusty winds.Rudder usage helps this situation alot as I had this issue before.Make sure your holding your device straight too :)

That’s probably the wind. As previously stated, the rudder will help.

I’d suggest going over the tutorials. Be sure you use the rudder, especially in high winds ;)

Maybe try to not use too much rudder. Just do a little bit at first. CRJ imo has a pretty “sensitive” rudder.

I’ve given up on it lol, I prefer flying short haul commuter aircraft and flights, unfortunately the cockpits need rework on the other planes

me too! No mather what i do, i always fail the take off/landing on the crj

The rudder simulation is very sensitive IMO, what I do is hold my elevators down to increase the effectiveness of the nose wheel steering.

Have you guys watched the tutorials? I suggest you try take off and landing in 0 wind on solo first.
It’s not impossible to fly CRJs.

Thanks for the post! I`ll try it out

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Keep going. It’s my favourite aircraft to fly and the most difficult to control but once you get get the hang of it you will be pleased with yourself. Practice practice practice and you will get it. Pattern work not exceeding 170kts helped me alot.


Yup, and it didnt help at all

Tried the 700 today to try and remember why I never fly it. … it seems that I can’t fly aircrafts with engines stuck on the rear fuselage… and with very little wind, takeoff and landing were a complete mess… i give up for good! Applause for those who like and master this plane!
So sad because I like the interior view!

Are you veering to one side in zero wind?
Turn off auto-coordination in settings —> general
And make sure your device is calibrated.

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