I like the ERJ
With the CRJ near the window it can get small for me and I start bumping my head on the ceiling. And I’m only 5’7. I would though choose if I didn’t have that problem.

Just an interesting fact about the ERJ, well in my opinion. ERJ190 handles heavy wind shear brilliantly compared to a B737 (the only comparison made so far). An airport once declared as the world’s worst airport, St. Helena, in a British island off the West coast of Africa, is now serviced by an ERJ190. Tests conducted initially with a 737 failed and BA abandoned their bid to service the island.

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Yeah, it seems to me like the EJet design was to bridge the RJ closer mainline aircraft so the E190/95 could be better suited for major carrier use on mainline routes

Where the CJR was designed primarily for those short hauls to hard to get to difficult approaches to small regional and municipal airports with limited ground support. Ive read somewhere The CRJ7 is certified to land at Aspen (KASE) but the E170 is not according to .

I found these articles:

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