Let me preface this post that I’m an actor, entertainer and storyteller that like to make my posts entertaining yet informative or ask a question with some dramatic flare while stepping on a few toes along the way with some creative license to be stomped upon :-)

Not considering gameplay because the current CRJ is like trying to give instructions to a drunk winged monkey the day after St Patrick’s Day, I’m a bit conflicted lol.

I’m 3rd generation Portuguese American by way of my mom who’s parents were from the Azores and Portugal. From Dad it’s Scottish and English.

So, where am I going with this seemingly nowhere near topic? I’m getting to that you impatient nut job!

CRJ vs ERJ, yup the CRJ is from Canada and ERJ from Brazil and genetically speaking the ERJ is better. I mean us Portuguese invented post Roman world travel, trade and tolerance until 300 years Of Spanish rule and inquisition, setting us back and at some point the British Empire got the upper hand and ruled most of the world and created the East India Company. Yeah, there’s China and Japan that were great in those days, but who traded with them first :-)

So Canada has some great history too but there is some French so some defeat is expected.

What the he’ll happened Bombardier??? You focused so much on your C Series You Let the Q400 and CRJ down, behind, and about to loose a lot of North American jobs. You have about half the sells of Embraer who’s only hurtle is the US Scope Clauses.

I do Remember flying in a CRJ, its like squeezing the Grands biscuit dough back into the can after it’s been open, or my girlfriend’s thighs into those jeans for a 2 hour flight but never flown on an E-Jet.

My question is, are there any real pilots here that can speak to real world experiences? Anyboby flown as pax to shed their opinions? Which do you prefer? You think Bombardier days are numbered and only a matter of time before bought out by Airbus, Lockheed or Northrop Grumman like some of those in the business world have suggested (my not so qualified opinions included)?

My goal is to get a good conversation started … And/or locked out by moderators within 45 minutes of posting :D

One thing I forgot to mention I’ve got some family from both sides, from both mom and dad that were born, raised and live in Canada :-)


I like CRJ over ERJ. Why?.. I don’t know. It’s Canadian, I’m Canadian. ;)

In all seriousness, I love the look of the CRJ more. It’s small, cute looking and it’s again, Canadian :D


I have to say in all of my experiences, the E-Jets are so much better with a larger amount of leg room, and it is always a smooth ride.


I’ve heard the CRJ will get you there faster, and cheaper (for the airline) but not very comfortable

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Often on CRJ routes in my experience, the trip is fast, but expensive and cramped.

One thing I forgot to mention I’ve got a lot of family from both sides, mom and dad that were born, raised and live in Canada :-)

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I feel that CRJ is improving with their jets, as they keep on bringing new updates in a sense (longer maintenance intervals, improved cabins, etc.)

I think that development on the ERJ series has stalled a bit, and also the interiors of ERJs are smaller than CRJs.

I’d really like to see a re engine to go with cabin upgrades which they have done, either GE or. PW engine cores of the geared Turbofan like the ERJ E2s. Btw, I’m wondering would foreplanes (not canards!!!) like on the P180 help the CRJ being that it’s a T-tail and fuselage mounted engines? - this is an important engineering question for me

I’m sorry guys for asking this but take KASE for example, why is the largest aircraft to depart from KASE going to anywhere from LA TO Atlanta is the CJR7/8 and not an an ERJ (STATS from flightaware)?

i like both maybe erj because its not as common where i live but so long as it is a e170/190 series i hate the 135/45 and the cr2

I prefer CRJ due to the nose shape (that’s like a first impression)

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First of all let me say, nice job framing up your question. I was genuinely entertained reading it!

I’ve taken more flights than I can count on CRJs and ERJs. Only speaking from the PAX perspective, but I definitely prefer flying the Embraers, specifically the 175. Feels like a bigger airplane and the interior seems to be a step up from the CRJ with more comfortable seats and nicer looking panels. I just flew on a CRJ-200 up to CYYZ last week and, knowing ahead of time what kind of plane I was going to be on, I paid a couple extra bucks for an exit row seat. Had plenty of leg room, but the seats felt cheap and the plane was a bit worn, which could have more to do with the operator and the age.

That being said, the performance of the CRJ has always seemed a bit better. Again from the PAX perspective, which could have more to do with weight and balance than actual performance characteristics, but the takeoff lift feels stronger and the banking feels more crisp on the CRJ.

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My two cents - on a flight out of SLC the CRJ-700’s door broke and we were delayed for 4 hours. I’d prefer ERJ, if just for reliability.

I flown on the E175 about 5 times now and i love it i have yet to fly on a CRJ but if i had to choose i would say the E175, to me CRJ design i don’t like and i’m not a big fan of the planes that are always angles down when its on wheels something about them i don’t like

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Dang! That’s a lot of detail for a simple ask of opinion! XD

In all seriousness, I would prefer the CRJ since the plane looks pretty compared to the ERJ.

As a passenger, I’ve been on the CRJ many times and I like the engine sounds on takeoff. Sitting near the back, I get to see those nice small but powerful engines.


CRJ is definitely more pretty than the CRJ.
since I’ve been on neither of those, I’m gonna go with the CRJ!

My dad was the CFO of Bombardier in the early two-thousands some Im going to go with Bombardier

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This is basically Airbus and Boeing. Both manufacturers are great, and make amazing aircraft. They are both very successful as well, but I’m going to have to go with the ERJ as it’s more passenger friendly. It just feels a bit bigger, which is nicer.

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I’ve heard that the new new “atmosphere” cabin upgrade makes the ride more pleasant on the CRJ7/8/9 and much quieter closer to the front since the engines are mounted aft.

I did hear that CRJs have some better performance data, maybe why you see them flying out of KASE instead of ERJs due to the high altitude and initial climb rate needed.

I’m still pondering that since it’s a T-tail configuration, it’s lift tends to push the nose down causing drag forces and if it would benefit having foreplanes like The Piaggio P.180 . Though that probably would mean the main wing would have to be farther aft causing more CoG problems but I’m not an engineer and just a guess

Im 5’ 9" feel way to cramped on the CRJ. The ERJ fits me confortably but that cockpit is jusy ugly.