CRJ news?

I want to say that this is not about release time or asking when to expect it

I just want to ask the mods what the deal with the CRJ it’s because I know Laura posted something about how it wasn’t ready yet or something and I noticed on the tracking thread the updates have stopped and my preference would be to have the first mod that sees this and it can answer my question to lock this and leave a comment saying what the deal is with the update and what’s happening right now nothing involving times it’s just it almost feels like talk on the subject went dark

Please wait until reaching at least TL2 before posting on the forum.


What? That makes no sense.

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All talk on the subject seems to of gone dark and I just want to know what’s happening I don’t want this to turn into crazy about CRJ

Not your thread haha, the guy above my comment.

News News News

Extra, extra read all about it…

Enjoy the latest update! Lots of new liveries and improvements.

Be thankful and patient 🙂