CRJ liveries, the forgotten

Hey everyone! I’m really looking forward to the development of the CRJs. One of my favorite family of aircrafts. There’s a few liveries I remember from when I was a kid that I would love to see in the simulator to relive those memories on global! I think you guys will enjoy some of these airlines, they add a bit of more taste into Infinite flight.

First, I’ll start with Independence Air CRJ 200. This airline began service on June 16, 2004. Based out of Washington Dulles operated a big fleet of CRJ 200 aircrafts and a small fleet of A319. Destination on the CRJ included places all up and down the eastern seaboard.

Next, I’ll move onto AirTran JetConnect. Air Wisconsin operated 26 CRJ 200 planes for AirTran from November of 2002 til August of 2004. Main hub for AirTran Jet Connect was Atlanta. Destinations were mainly in the southeast portion of the United States with a few scattered in other places.

Moving on to another airline, Midwest Connect. SkyWest operated 15 CRJ 200s for Midwest and were based out of Milwaukee. These services began April 1, 2007 and ended January 2, 2010. April of 2008 is when service peaked the most with the CRJ 200 with 84 departures a day.


Another amazing livery would be America West Express. Which operated the CRJ 200/700 and 900. They had a big network of flights out of Phoenix and Las Vegas

The last neat looking CRJ livery that isn’t around anymore is NWA airlink. They had CRJ 200 and CRJ 900. Big operation out of Detroit, Memphis, and Minneapolis


That’s all I got! I really hope I can earn your guys votes on this. I just think it be nice to add new flavor to Infinite Flight. With Global out we can all relive the memories of the routes that use to be flown by these airlines. I do NOT own any of these pictures!! I enjoy though!



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