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Thank you!!! That’s all I have to say is thank you. Finally somebody understands 😂 @Jack

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I’ll link 2 feature requests here and would recommend reading through the first one, especially given how the CRJ was reworked pretty recently and another rework for the family was closed. But a live cockpit for the CRJ family on the other hand👀

CRJ 200/700/900 rework

CRJ Family Live Cockpit

Little late to this party, but still figured I’d add some input on top of what has already been mentioned. The Crosswind tutorial video that was shared is good. Its not as accurate as I’d like it to be. That said, I did make a CRJ profile checklist that I’ve attached below for your reference. Although these are real world procedures and profiles, please don’t use this in real world applications. I’ve made that clear at the bottom. That part needed to be made clear.

Real numbers, values, and actual figures/profiles/procedures that we fly on the CRJ900 are in the sheet below. You’re more than welcome to save this in your records as you wish. That’s more than fine.

@Aviation3 as for your swerving issue, 160kts is too quick. Even if you were super heavy, you’re about 10-15kts too fast already. Disabling auto-coordination in your settings as other have mentioned will be extremely helpful in situations with wind or no wind situations. The CRJ does have a leaning tendency in Infinite Flight which is not characteristic of the real world aircraft. What this means is that at any speed, when a turn is made, the aircraft leans left/right with the slightest of inputs. Almost like a shock is blown as it appears “squishy”.

Furthermore, after you have disabled the auto-coordination, cross controls may be necessary. Cross controls means you may need to add left rudder and right aileron into the wind to prevent one wing from being lifted. The CRJ can be a tricky but very fun plane to fly. Keep practicing, asking questions and having fun. I’m here if you have any further questions.



Great @DeerCrusher! Thanks! I’ve been getting it to rotate at 140, even though it takes quite a bit of effort. Very fun plane to fly and land!

these planes do need alot because of the inadequate lift made from the wings. This is why EGLC allows Embraers but not crjs

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