CRJ issues

Okay then. I believe that @ epega is needing to tweak those a little as IF-Assistant are giving V speeds that are WAY to heigh for the CRJ. This is most likely what is causing your issues. I have experienced this myself and that is coming from an experienced CRJ pilot. What I would do for the time being is don’t use those V speeds and shoot for something lower for a rotate speed!

I don’t find an unbalanced/unsynchronized weight to affect the CRJ by much at all, to be honest.

It may not, but it should be asked until we can possibly find the cause.

I think the cause is what I mentioned above. He is getting incorrect V speeds from IF-Assistant causing the rotate speeds for the plane to be way to high. This causes stability issues and makes it harder to control the plane on ground. I (as someone who flys the CRJ quite a bit) have experienced this myself. Until this gets fixed I would recommend rotating at a slower speed until epaga fixes it on the app side of things.

@Aviation3 The following information may be helpful.

At V1, approximately 134 knots indicated airspeed (KIAS), is decision speed. Above this speed, it may not be possible to stop the aircraft on the runway in case of a rejected takeoff (RTO).

At 134 KIAS, smoothly pull the device back to raise the nose to 10 degrees above the horizon. Hold this pitch attitude and be careful not to over-rotate.

*At V2, approximately 146 KIAS, the aircraft has reached its takeoff safety speed. This is the minimum safe flying speed should an engine fail. Hold this speed until you get a positive rate of climb.

Given your weight, rotate at around 135 to 145KIAS, be sure to add 30 to 40% trim, as the CRJ is a rear-engined jet.

Use your rudder to stay on the centerline and once you reach that 10° pitch slowly move the rudder slider to the neutral position.

Disable auto-coordination as this can prevent you from swerving on the runway, and if there’s a crosswind tilt your device in the direction of the crosswind until you rotate, this will prevent your aircraft from banking on the runway.

Hope this helps!

~ Christian

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I know how to takeoff lol thx though! @Z-Tube

Wasn’t implying you don’t! Simply just giving you the recommended speeds. Hope that helps and enjoy your day :)

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they may rotate a little faster because of the wings being much shorter than the aircraft length.

That’s. Not. The. Reason. I’m sure of it. In real life they rotate at around 130-140 knots 😂

My heavy FeEx 77F rotated faster than the CRJ in IF @StormyAviation

Hey! The CRJ is actually very hard to lift off the ground without hitting 155-160 knots where the aircraft starts swerving off the runway. I recommend using a lot of trim - at least around 40%. This should help you lift off at an appropriate speed.


Here are quick reference cards for the CRJ and other aircraft

The CRJ requires to use of trim to get the nose off the ground as it has a negative angle of attack while rolling. I use around 50-60% trim to help get off the ground.

I believe this is similar to the real aircraft.


Just wanted to add something to the already awesome advice from the others:
Deercrusher, one of the moderators and who now is a pilot on the CRJ-900, made a tutorial on how to fly the CRJ-700 (the methods/tips can be used on every CRJ model) in crosswinds, which might have been a factor for swerving off the runway. This helped me a lot and I hope that it will help you too!

Additionally, the developers worked hand in hand with real life pilots to get the physics of the aircraft as good as possible and I am sure that DeerCrusher can confirm how good the physics are, so I wouldn’t say they are “way off”.


Also the IF assistant v speeds for the CRJ is a bug and are way off and is working on being fixed. Rotating on the CRJ should be around 135-140 knots as well as that 50-60% positive trim as @AdamCallow mentioned. For the sliding off the runway, I have found rudder control is very important in this aircraft, especially when you start to rotate. Make calm, slight rudder movements when needed and let the aircraft just lift off the ground as with that 60% trim, it shouldn’t be very hard. All you need to do is lift the front wheel off the ground and hold it there until the plane lifts off the ground.


Do u know how much effort it takes to get it to rotate around 130-140 in the sim 😂 it rotates smoothly at 160+ which I highly doubt is how the IRL CRJ is @Starley

I agree. CRJ slides around too much when taking off and it’s very sensitive

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I can start to rotate at 130 at flaps 20 and it leaps off the ground with 60% trim at MTOW (100% load)

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It needs 20 flaps?!

I feel like the CRJ physics need a rework because they feel way too sensitive and clunky. Even flying in as little as 4 knots of crosswind, the plane can swerve and tilt very violently very fast which doesn’t seem natural or realistic at all. I don’t doubt that IF tried to make the physics realistic, but it just doesn’t seem natural.

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