CRJ issues

Hey guys is it normal in IF for my CRJ swerving off the runway. I feel this is because of the 160 kts rotate speed. This happens with no other aircraft for me

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Use a little bit of rudder to correct this. 😊


It does have a very narrow main gear area. I recommend just keeping calm, as anything can put you off balance.


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Yes I know but the rudder doesn’t help this. I assume it’s the 160 rotate speed because these jets usually do not rotate at 160-170 kts

Do you have auto-coordination disabled?

Weight please? As well as flap setting.

What is that

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95% load @Alec. 33,800 kgs

Here, I found this.

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Yep, you are very heavy. Try not to carry too much cargo or fuel. I recommend SimBrief or FPLtoIF for flight planning, it will give you accurate fuel needs.

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Are you getting your V speeds from IF-Assistant?

Yes that’s what I use but what I’m saying is the CRJ physics in IF are way off. An aircraft of the CRJ’s size should not need to rotate at 160kts this is wayyyy too fast. U can’t get off the ground if u rotate sooner than that speed though, so I’m thinking it’s just due to the physics

That’s because you were much too heavy.

More weight = higher takeoff speed

Yes I understand 😂
But a CRJ should not Rotate at 160 kts 😂
It has to be the physics

Yes and no. Your main issue is your weight. You’re far to heavy for that aircraft, given your rotate speed. Simply lower your weight and maybe some rudder input will help correct this.

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Mhm, but for every CRJ flight I do the rotate speed is 150-160 kts no matter what the weight is

Are you using IF-Assistant for your V speeds??

Yessir (10)

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Auto-coordination basically links your rudder and ailerons when you’re on the ground. If you have it enabled, it can cause you to veer off way more than usual. Check to see if it’s enabled by going into settings -> general -> auto-coordination.

It seems your plane’s weight does play a role into this, as others have said. The CRJ does get very sensitive when it comes to rudder inputs, so compensate for it drifting off with very small and gentle inputs to keep the plane aligned as straight as you can. The CRJ also loves (I mean, loves) quite a bit of positive trim, so make sure you have some of that as well to make your takeoff a bit easier.


Is your weight synchronized?