CRJ houl haul @KBOS-291800ZAPR20

  • Aircraft and Livery:CRJ-200

  • Route: KBOS LBSTA 4338N/6848W ALLEX ELSIR 5000N/5000W 5100N/4000W 5200N/3000W 5200N/2000W LIMRI XETBO OSGAR DIRUM 5305N/631W KEPOR OTNER DW005 ULTAG RISAP EIDW

  • Time of Departure: 1830Z

  • Server: Training or expert

  • Additional Information: Spawn in with full fuel and no cargo or pax. Copy my Flight plan when you spawn in.

Hey! The CRJ-200’s economical cruising speed is Mach 0.74. With a flight this long, cruising so fast will decrease the range of the aircraft, potentially making it unable to fly the whole flight, even with a full tank of fuel.

Sounds fun, have a great flight!

if i don’t make it yall know what happen

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@TY_PLAY good luck on your treacherous journey

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it this Is on the training server I would be more than happy to control at EIDW and guide you in to land :)

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aww i did it on expert

it is ok, good luck and have fun!!!

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Hello, you know that the aircraft that you are flying does not operate a flight from KBOS-EIDW

IK but there’s not a good Private jet But the generic CRJ is good

Looking at it, I think there are bigger problems than this

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I’m on decent

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