CRJ fuel burn bug

When the center fuel tank is empty but there is still fuel left in the wing tanks it keeps burning from the center tank as if there was fuel there.



Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
We’re aware of the issue and will hopefully have it fixed soon.


Morning guys,

Sorry to come wading in here @schyllberg but this one has confused the hell out of me. I have just been testing this on my device, details below and don’t have an issue. I noticed that you have synchronize selected but haven’t adjusted the levels, @Turboprop400.

Here is a CRJ700 with everything maxed out…

Here is the very same CRJ700 with the centre tank empty.

Samsung Note 8
Latest software, IF and recently optimised for use.

Can someone please tell me what I’m looking for? Haha



You can’t drag the slider below 0. But if you have your engines on, the slider will continue to go down even though it’s empty.


Roger, now it makes sense haha I was sat here thinking I’d lost the plot!

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I have another question for @schyllberg When all 3 tanks have fuel in them each have the same fuel burn rate. Let’s say you are getting 300 kg per hour that’s 100 from each tank. But since the center tank is smaller, it will reach 0 quicker. My question is when the center tank reaches 0 will the wing tanks stay at a 100 kg per hour fuel burn while the center burns imaginary fuel and you are only now burning 200 kg per hour at the same throttle setting giving you an unrealistic fuel economy boost? Or will the wing tanks speed up to 150 kg per hour to maintain the same realistic 300 kg per hour fuel burn.

Note- the numbers I used are just example

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