Crj freezes and flight stops

Basically it seems lately when I fly the crj series especially at night upon approaching my airport the app freezes and than stops eventually the app crashes. I am running and I pad 12.9 pro , latest generation, graphics settings all high . Yes I always clear cache , ram, before all flights have no background apps running in the background because the only app other than infinite flight is infinite assistant this has happened to me on the crj 900 series it seems as well as the 200 a few times. I checked the forum for any kind of solution and was curious as if anyone else has experienced this lately? Especially for the night flights . Feedback appreciated thanks . I am a veteran flyer on infinite flight so I do all the steps per flight and after in regards to device management

Never experienced this with another aircraft?

No sir all of father other aircraft work flawlessly even the TBM

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Do you use limit frame rate?

No I don’t use it I have a pretty solid device here and had zero issues until about a 2 weeks ago I noticed this pattern of a sudden freeze and than crash of the app only the crj series especially upon approaching my arrival at evening hours

A few weeks ago? But you have the latest generation pro. It came out only a few weeks back.
The CRJ being brand new does mean it’s possible that it could be using a lot of your devices performance perhaps thus creating app crashes. I would try using limit frame rate and seeing if that helps at all.

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2018 I pad pro 12.9 I bought this new a few months ago so correction on my behalf

Was your device plugged in at the time?

Yes it was I generally always leave my devices plugged in

Alright. Did you have Battery Saver mode on? I mean the one you find in your Infinite Flight settings.

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Yes I do does this make any kind of difference in specific to the crj freezes?

No, it is a universal problem. It must have just started glitching. Take your device off of battery saver mode. Only use it when you don’t have a way to plug your device in. This happened in a similar forum. The person had the same problem but it was universal. It happened to me to, that should fix everything.

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Okay thank for the tip I really appreciate it I will give it a try and see how that works . And yes it was just about 2 weeks ago I noticed this but I’m not one to just jump to conclusions at all . After a about 10 or more flights I did notice this and with a powerful device as the pro it should handle it . Like mentioned I did not have this problem at alll with the crj series until a few weeks ago.

So far I have tested without battery mode on, and I can say that it appears that the crj series seem to run pretty good when the option in the app is disabled. Of course when my device is plugged in. The app seems very fluent , smooth and consistent so far .

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