CRJ flap speeds?

Hey does anyone know how to calculate flap speeds on Infinite flight? Is there any apps or websites?

Sometimes the speeds are printed out on the plane. Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut. I don’t know the CRJs that much, but I’m guessing that you’ll have to go with your gut.

Here are your CRJ 700 & 900 flap speeds as well as other important numbers. Normal cruise is between M.78 and .80


Ok that’s a good suggestion

Wow that’s awesome where did you find this?

Its a from a study guide that I used when I was learning the CRJ. That guide won’t be shared. Sorry. But I’m willing to share this info.


Of course. Well thank you so much

Flap speeds vary from aircraft to aircraft and are determined by the manufacturer. These lists usually exist in some form or another online, so a simple search online should provide you one.

I’m assuming you’re referring to calculating when to lower them? In most cases, you just watch your sink rate, aka rate of descent, and lower your flaps accordingly given you’re below the manufacture’s listed maximum airspeed for each respective flap setting

As for calculating the exact stall speed of an aircraft with a given configuration, that is possible. However, given the complexity of the formula and speed required to make decisions on takeoff and approach, you’re better off with what I said in the previous paragraph.

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