CRJ Family Live Cockpit


CRJs are good as is, but they could definitely use some live cockpits and a few soft reworked features

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What’s the holdup here? Kinda weird to leave them unfinished for years.

Definitely voting. Idk if they’re doing just the E Jets or shifting focus to regional but if it’s the latter, I want the CRJ live cockpit 🔥 no, the A220 is not regional and does not automatically appease and satisfy the majority of the regional community.

This would definitely bring new life to these forgotten airplanes. Don’t know if they share similarities with the A220’s cockpit displays but if that’s the case, this will be likely to happen sooner rather than later.

These aircrafts haven’t been forgotten, the IF devs have more important things on their agenda, just be patient and whenever the CRJ gets a live cockpit, it would be worth the wait.😀

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From: Av-Booney