CRJ Family Live Cockpit

All A220 and Regional Flying fangirls and boys listen up:

CRJ Family Live Cockpit Thread

A lot of you probably noticed the seemingly high demand for regional jets in this community when reading through the comments of this year’s “Next Aircraft Poll”.
The best thing about this is: we already do have a very high-quality regional jet, it’s simply missing the most important part!

While released in 2018 and therefore being pretty top-notch standard, it hasn’t got a live cockpit just yet. It was mentioned by the developers multiple times that the cockpit is basically animation-ready. As we all know, the A320, the TBM930, and the Boeing 737 all had their cockpits updated to live instruments, so why not ask for a CRJ Cockpit Update?

Make those Speed Indicators dance!

While other aircraft in IF’s fleet might be flown more frequently, the CRJ is the go-to choice when flying regional, and that seems to be a thing so many of us want to do!
A live cockpit is just way more of a joy to fly around in, so the CRJ might get more popular just how it was after release!

Bring up the long-lasting standards

All recent additions featured a live glass cockpit, that’s the new standard. I’m always a little sad to have such a well designed plane with awesome phyics and great anymations (yes, there even is a highly detailed cabin for all you FA’s around here) sitting infront of me but just without this big extra: moving instruments.

While a full-rework of it’s competitor, the ERJ Family, hasn’t been picked in the poll, a high-quality regional jet is already here - it’s just missing the tip of the iceberg.

Get the CRJ to top standard - once again!

Opinions and comments very welcome! Thanks for every vote!

I would of thought this would be class as a rework but I don’t know

Thank you for reading the topic you’ve linked


I know, that’s why I deleted it. (yes, accidentally I undeleted it and I had to wait)

Every change to the game can be titled rework - I think I really made clear what this thread asks for didn’t I? :)

I don’t want to continue the usual duplicate drama which happens all the time in this category, but you’ve restored the post before I even posted that.
Anyways, back on topic. I’d very much like to see that happening. The thing is, the cockpit of CRJs is not a giant ballpit of ancient instruments, which is the hard type of cockpits to animate, so I would very much like to see that happening. Let me see if I can clear a vote for this


Hope to see the live cockpit on the CRJ (all variants) on the 20.3 update.

Definitely needed! Will bring it really close to the current standard.

Add in the A-10 engine sounds and it’s fully updated.


I agree. We need the live cockpit for the CRJ as all the variants are completely new along with the A-10 engines’ sound.

I love this to be added with the new liveries

Voted. I’ve been thinking about this so much recently. The CRJ is such a great aircraft and seems a bit ahead of its time in IF honestly. I meant it has a cabin with seats! Even the A350 didn’t get that.

They have the sound pack to make it accurate, as well as the means to implement a live cockpit. Makes me wonder why it hasn’t been brought up to speed so we can at least have one regional jet that’s fully reworked.

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I know. The CRJ is fully detailed. It only lacks the live cockpit and we really need it.

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And it’s autopilot needs to be fixed since it’s slow when turning (or is it common?)

The CRJ’s physics are pretty good from what I can recall - I remember there were comments from the devs that real-life CRJ pilots had input (can’t remember if @DeerCrusher is one…) Really the only thing that needs revisiting for the CRJ is a working cockpit. Would fully support this.

I mean, given the fact how many people screamed for regional jets during the last aircraft vote, this one is truly a nice choice.

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All this planes need is a live cockpit and boom it’s fully completed. The only other thing that’s not as important is engine sounds but it’s not as important


You have my vote. The CRJ is a beautiful aircraft and really needs a live cockpit.


Hope to see the live cockpit for the CRJ aircraft on the 21.2 as the plane is quite new.

I voted for this one as well. Live cockpits really make a huge difference in immersion on the sim, and the CRJ family is one of my favorites (I’m partial since I used to fly them).

I definitely want this the CRJ already has doors and modern stuff all it needs is the live cockpit