CRJ Family Live Cockpit

In my opinion I think the Crj would look great with live cockpit. With alot of glass screens it would enhance the flight experiance even more.

The Crj-family has the most features and this would just add to it. I have always wanted live cockpit in the Crj, making it even more realistic.

So yeah tell me your thoughts. 👍

Defenetly since it alredy has a cabin. If it get a live Cockpit this aircraft will the Best in infinite flight. And the most detailed. I would love it.
I would like to vote but I’m out of votes.


Sure thing, I also thought the same

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Me 2 boi!


I have question I can only vote 3 times and after that I can’t vote anymore.

It’s not a rule but it’s highly recommended to vote for your own request. 😉

The devs goals are to bring Live cockpits to all new aircraft they rework as well as update newer aircraft with them.

Seeing as though the CRJ is quite a new aircraft in infinite flight, it would be logical for them to integrate a live cockpit as well as other aircraft that don’t necessarily require a full rework.

Saying this, i hope to see a live cockpit in aircraft such as the CRJ, C130, MD11/DC10 soon as they are fairly new aircraft.


I totally agree with you @Hamza.N

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Thank you, I hope we get it. 👍

Look at the A318/19/20/21 they got live cockpit out of nowhere, the TBM A350 and 777 and C172 will also be getting live cockpit. They will probably add live cockpit to newer aircraft like they did with the C172/TBM and A3XX family. I would love to see this, and the CRJ’s are extremely fun to fly

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I love to fly them too. Making short to medium hops around places.

Great idea. We need it as the CRJ is the last airliner to have standard cockpit to be added to Infinite Flight. The aircraft features a lot of animated parts, except the live cockpit. It might be added in 2020 along with the Q400 and other planes released in 2016 and later.

I agree. These planes with good cockpits dont need full reworks, really just screens…


I agree. The CRJ should be equipped with live cockpit just like the A320. The CRJ was released in 2018, which is the last airliner to have standard cockpit. I hope live cockpit will be added to the CRJ aircraft (all variants) by this year.

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I just flew the CRJ-200 on the short hop from KGJT to KSLC and boy was it fun. Being at the gate was the most fun, mainly because we have service doors and cargo doors. Definitely need the live cockpit. cough cough IFR cough


I hope to see the live cockpit of the CRJ by the 20.2 update as the plane is pretty new. Do you know if the live cockpit of the CRJ has been confirmed to be added on the next update?

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No, it definitely hasn’t been confirmed. I would love to see this soon tho!

But I would like to see it as it’s fun to fly the CRJ with live cockpit just like the A320, A350 and the B772.

Yeah, I would love to see it in the game.

We’ve got mid sized and long range aircraft with live cockpits. It’s time for a regional jet 🙂

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