CRJ Elevator

I was searching the forum and I didn’t find anything about this and I don’t know if it is a problem. I have trouble pulling up in the CRJ aircraft and I use trim which solves the problem but I don’t know if this should happen without trim. Please let me know!

It is normal that you would require trim on takeoff and most commercial aircraft utilise it through flight. This isn’t at all a problem! :)

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Adding on, the CRJ uses more trim than a lot of other aircraft. I typically use around 65% trim when flying it.

You’re using trim correctly by using it to adjust the amount of pressure you need to apply on the controls.

I often calibrate my device when I tilt it a bit backwards when flying a CRJ (as if I pulled the nose up). This helps as well (at least for me).

Trim to 60-70% for the CRJ

See video on the takeoff procedure of the CRJ. I hope you enjoy flying it in the future :)

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Thank you for your help everyone!

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