CRJ Doors Don’t Open at Gates or Stands Either

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All CRJ models cannot have their doors opened at gates nor stands, tested every variant. I am very disappointed by this and I hope it can be repaired. I know a reason may be because of it’s stairs, but we can’t imprison passengers can we now? 😅

This happened at KDAB, but I’m pretty sure it’s all airports and gates regardless.


The Devs are aware of this bug. It happens with other aircraft aswell.

From Jason on the Infinite Flight Discord:


Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I think the CRJ models don’t use Jet bridge. Doors open from the top down and are designed for remote use. I never seen a CRJ used on a Jet bridge. Also applies to Dash Q Series.

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They do, very occasionally. Same with the Q400. I’ve been on both when they’ve used a jet bridge.


Very interesting, thanks for the correction

You’re welcome!

At US airports CRJs always use jetbridges. The door opens and then an attachment goes over the crack to cater to the small doorway width.


Crj’s will use jet bridges in some cases but have an additional attachment/ramp that allows them to fit with the stairs on the door. Ive attached an image to show.


It’s very annoying how we can’t open doors individually now


Same thing with A330Neo
Limited “actions” available

For all the aircraft unfortunately. I don’t see why it couldn’t have worked like how jetbrides used to work, where it would attach separately from the doors and you couldn’t move if it was still attached. I’m not a dev, though.

I agree, I know this is V1 but I really hope more flexibility and realistic customization of the ground-services is available in the future. Such as being able to have multiple catering trucks at the different doors of an airplane for example.

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So the doors are supposed to stay closed???

Unfortunately, yeah.

No, they should open when ground services attach.

Yeah, exactly.

Bru, that was so exciting to open the doors

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No, I connected jet bridge and they didn’t open

They open, handles actually unlatch and can be lowered for jet bridge use.