CRJ Control Difficulty

The CRJ-900 is my official airliner, It is the only one I fly now.

After about 3 months of flying it, I can say that it is the most challenging aircraft I have ever flown on a simulator…hmmn or in real life now that I consider it.

My question: is the handling for this aircraft just as challenging in the real world? Is this really that hard of an aircraft to fly?

Aviations little secret being that the bigger the plane the easier it is to fly due, mostly, to greater mass.

The CRJ handles like a GA though in my opinion.

If the pilot is a very experienced CRJ pilot, no.If you watch the toutorials on the official YouTube page it wouldn’t seem that hard

It depends on your experienced on the CRJ 900, as more hours you fly with it, the better you will handle with it.

I find that the crj and dash-8 have beautiful characteristics and fly amazingly


Not only have I watched the tutorials, but I have watched real world CRJ pilots doing some pretty hard and shaky landings in fairly good weather, heightening my speculation.

Mabye you can send me some landing videos and I would love to learn from you.

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Yeah I will, Also I learned by doing touch and goes so I suggest that

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I nail my landing dead nuts center everytime and according to IF Operations am almost always under 250fpm.

But it is extremly stresful to land that airplane. Lots of yoke movment to keep it on centerline.

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Probably the wind or over use of the yoke or over correction

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We had a real life CRJ pilot evaluating and providing input when the model was developed. So it’s most likely quite accurate :)


Did you ever recall her or him saying that it was hard to fly lol?

Compared to the 787 which is the last one I was flying it is like flying a…not sure what to compare it to, but its hard.

That could be. I am just going to have to practice then, I promised myself this would be the last airplane I learn, so I am going to have to keep studying it.

And at the end I always find myself tinkering left and right with the yoke, I find my hands tense up a lot during landing, and I have started to put a tiny reminder in the back of my mind on landing to relax my hands. That seems to help a lot.

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