CRJ Cameras not centered

IDK if I’m the only one having this problem but the camera angles in the nw CRJ 900 and way off center. Some pictures below

I would like and probably all of you will like this issue to be fixed


I am pretty sure that last one is a normally impossible camera angle… 😂

Here are some steps that may help… (in this order)

-Restart App

-Restart Device

Lastly try to re install IF…

Hope that helps!

Also did it start today?

This is the beginning of the RL terminator my friends.

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It has been like that when it was released.

Do you have the same issue on your device?

What livery are you using btw im going to check on my end just want to set it up the same way

China Express Airlines

Its all bad


Yeah so I guess its an issue for everyone.

We need to let a developer see this to fix this issue

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They spent 6 months testing it to make it perfect. umm…


And im not even in a seat at all in the Fuselage.

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yeah same for me. really wack

I mean they did for the crj 700. The crj 900 came out about a month later.

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I hve no issues as of yet… what OS and device do you use?

You too @Patria, let’s see if there are any similarities between affected devices…

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Awww and I just reset my Joystick buttons :( lol.

Ok I am an Android user, LG K20 Plus.

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@Patria did you try what I mentioned in the first post?

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Can you provide pictures of the main cockpit camera for the CRj 900?

@Starley @KPIT

Also some info:

Device: Apple iPad Air 2
Firmware: IOS 11.3.1

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First of all, please update to iOS 11.4 :)

Have you tried what I said in my earlier post?