CRJ banking angle

Hello all,
I love flying the CRJ family however I have noticed that when flying the smaller CRJ200 when the plane is on auto pilot and making certain terns on the flight the autopilot over banks the plane to the point that is constantly correcting itself to get to the heading it wants which can be annoying as it makes the plane look like its tilting back and forth for too long. is this a bug or is there a setting bar i need to adjust on the plane

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You may be going too fast/winds are too powerful to make that turn smoothly. The waypoints may be too tight, I wouldnt recommend doing turns over around 75 degrees

Its an apparent issue with the physics. Its an awesome AC in IF , but it has issues anomalies with different phases of flight.

It also leads AP Heading or LNAV directed turns with an opposite direction turn first. At various speeds and heading coordinates.

Is this supposed to happen ?

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Are you in offline and with time “x5”?
Whether that’s the question, then, the problem is the time x5, in every aircraft that you fly in speed x5, happens that! You gotta try with the 717, A321, if you’re a non-pro infinite flight player

The autopilot system in IF isn’t the best, the autothrottle goes full power with the slightest speed change and APPR has issues capturing the glideslope. When cruising, the plane usually turns too late and has to correct itself, that shouldn’t happen but it does. There’s a lot of improvement to be made to IF’s autopilot system


Also happens to me on the same plane, its a bug and theres not really anything we can do unfortunately.

I’m in the LNAV is active when this happened

No I don’t think so

No I’m in expert server and level three at that

Time x5 why would i use that ? No I’m in real time
X1 Pro-subscriber. Dosen’t matter if offline solo or online Trng./Expert . I don"t use Casual.

The issues I have are similar to the OP here.

Well in that case I can’t help


I’m not sure if you are referring to what I will say but. Looks like on some aircrafts the autopilot turns to late and then you go from right to left to right etc… after se turn

Isn’t it?


Keeps me from flying this aircraft along with the TBM. Hopefully this gets fixed one day.

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Using your example, my CRJ will roll Left first when the heading is set for a right turn . After turning left and away from where it should go, it will then turn right back on the expect track for the selected heading.

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Oh yeah i expérience this sometimes !

So. All these AP issues should be solved!

Hoping this gets put on the dev’s radar. Along with the a320 family AP.

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