Recently I figured out a issue with the CRJ Appr. Sometimes aircrafts tend to be slightly low/high of the glide slope, and they usually just correct it slightly.

However, I found out that the CRJ9 corrects at huge pitching, that ended up in a Phugoid.

So I want to know if anyone encounters this issue. If its a duplicate, reply with the relevant post and I'll flag this one, if not, please suggest a solution for this :).

All my other aircrafts didn’t happen things like this, only the CRJ family.


What’s your trim flaps and speed?

Using trim can help level it out

I did use trim, its 60 according to the tutorial, around 125-130 KIAS

If you are in correct configuration and stable you can help the plane gently adjusting trim to prevent oscillation.This is known issue.

But I did everything according to the tutorial…

It sometimes fail to work properly in IF.

Idk but 60% seems a bit to high

Ok, thanks for your advice, I don’t really fly the CRJs frequently anyways :)

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Hmm…the tutorial says so, but anyways I am not really a fan of the CRJ anyways, thanks for your advice :)

Flagged this for closure since its a known issue.

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Personally haven’t dealt with this… That’s strange.

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Also keep in mind a/p handles worse if pitch sensivity low.

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