CRJ-900ER Tunisair

Hi! In the upcoming CRJ update there is two aircrats that have been confirmed, thos two aircrafts are the following: CRJ-700 and CRJ-200 they both have many liveries! But I really hope that they add in CRJ-900 that is a stunning aircraft that many airliners use, here are some of the airlines that use em: Scandinavian airlines, Tunisair ( I really love this one). Lufthansa regional, Delta airlines, American Airlines/ eagle. So I really hope that they add in this fantastic aircraft into the update!!

Here is a picture of the Tunisair CRJ-900


Next time you post a livery request, please use #features so we can vote for it :)

Did you seriously make two identical topics with a different title??!!

Am I missing something here. If not one of them has to be closed.

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The other one should be closed. This one was the one that was meant to be the original request.

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There is not much to that livery but that is just me.

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I agree, that is a nice livery especially that we do not have that airline in the game at all, so it would be two birds with one shot.


The TunisAir CRJ-900ER has been confirmed.

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Stealing JackBots Job… JackBot Angry

Anyway… Congrats on having your feature request accepted by the devs! It just shows the love that they have for us! :)