CRJ 900 tipping?

Device: iPad 7th gen
Operating system: 15.6

Basically when I was taking off from Stockholm earlier the plane started leaning over, as I rotated the plane swung right off the runway and I almost got a violation. I was below MLW and takeoff weight. Wind was around 10-13 knots direct crosswind though I wouldn’t expect the plane to react so harshly to such winds. Then as I got airborne the plane nose dived at around 700ft luckily I was able to save it.

Hey there, Its common for CRJ aircraft just use trim at takeoff and landing phases, and you will be fine!
And be sure your weight not under MLW (MTOW) because you wont be able to fly… Physics🤌

Cheers, Shafran❤️✈️

Trim to about +60/70

10-15 knots crosswind is quite a lot, especially for a light CRJ, a bit of rudder for such winds will always be helpful. Be sure to calibrate Before taking-off and landing too.

No… you will be able to fly, I’ve had many flights where I have been below maximum landing weight and everything went great. Aircraft can takeoff above their MTOW and there is a safe buffer before they can’t takeoff.

You should always be under Max landing weight when landing.

Well this is why it was tipping
Added in the fact you were below MLW

It wouldn’t hurt for a bit of aileron use, that always helps. When I fly the CRJ any of them I always use around 60+70 trim as a start which I’m sure you do, and start to pull up about 10kts before the rotate speed I pre calculated what ever that may be depending on weight of course. You should use aileron when on takeoff roll especially, and with landing I find it’s easier just with rudder as most of time you slow pretty quick and wouldn’t need to much aileron use. With 15kts crosswind, I find gradually find how much aileron deflection is keeping the aircraft pretty straight as I’m going down the runway making adjustments, also using rudder as well then hold that all in place as you rotate. It takes a bit of practice but it’s quite easy afterwards. The -200 though is harder by quite a bit I find. But generally with the wind any plane usually slightly tips a bit though may not notice, I find the 757 does it quite a bit even with very low winds and the 747 if you look closely. Hope this helps if you haven’t tried already.

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