CRJ 900 low thrust

Anyone crj-900 will not get up to limited air speed on take off ,thrust is very low.

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Whats your weight when you depart? And is you break turned off?

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I used to experience this a while back with different aircraft. This most often occurred if I didn’t restart my device and the app before a flight.


About 28,000 kg total ,fuel 4,400

All the other crj are normal

Is this reproducible after restarting the app and your device?

Only happens on the 900 the 1,000 and 700 and the 200 are normal. I’ll double-check and make sure there’s no obvious weight difference between are aircraft’s

Pretty much does it every time even after I restart. I barely get off the Runway and then have to close out just not to crash

Thanks guys for your feedback.

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Can you provide a video? I’m unable to reproduce this so far. I mimmicked your weight and fuel settings.

I’ll see what I can come up with, maybe be tomorrow, about to sack out.

Okay, this seems isolated. Worse case scenario you could delete the app and reinstall it. Just tested it with different winds and couldn’t reproduce.


I’m not sure what speeds you’re trying to rotate at, and from the information you’ve provided thus far, its hard to conclude or pinpoint an exact issue.

I’ll just drop the 900 T/O tutorial below as a “just in case”. I think one feature to consider that a lot of folks tend to forget or not use happen to be the flaps. By introducing some flaps into the takeoff, you’re essentially changing the design of the wing allowing it to take off at slower speed.

What I’m saying is that it might not be a lack of thrust, but possibly the lack of flaps. Not saying you’re omitting that aspect, but I’m just throwing some darts around covering the bases.


Thanks, I tried again, and on rotation all was fine this time. I usually rotate at about 140 knots. Maybe my network connection was weak, its happen a couple of times. One of the 777 did it a few times too. Everybody have a great weekend!

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I figured as much. I used to experience this occasionally a while back. It was almost like a parachute came out and the aircraft just couldn’t reach V1.


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