CRJ-900 ILS issues

I was just on a ILS approach with a CRJ-900 on the expert server (At KLAX). The whole time I was descending the plane keep pointing the nose down, then coming back up and being really odd. It got to the point where I was way to low so I took control and upon doing so with my joystick the nose went almost straight down and I couldn’t recover in time and smacked the ground in front of a lot of people on expert server. Was I doing something wrong or is the plane sometime glitchy? I was at 125 knots and on the ils for 25L at KLAX with full flaps

It could have been you were a bit slow depending on your weight, but did you line up the Localizer/GS before hitting APPR? If not it can be pretty harsh with the controls.

Did you calibrate before turning off APPR? Sometimes if you don’t calibrate beforehand, the nose drops.

On a joystick, it just went down and down. it was pretty bad.

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Yeah it was lined up, turning was the issue. Maintaining altitude and the nose going up and down was the issue. Fuel was at like 18%, it was pretty light, and mind pulled my joystick all the way up when I cut off APPR and it went straight down and I wasn’t stalling.

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CRJs typically have a nose down approach. Chances are you may have been going too fast. As you get closer and slow down the nose lifts. @DeerCrusher correct me if I’m wrong… we

Just the -200. The 200 should have a negative (nose down) pitch on approach. The 7, 9, & 1000 all should have a positive (nose up) pitch. This is due to the fact that the 200 does not have leading edge slats.


I was at 125 knots, maybe I should slow more next time. All I know is it was slightly embarrassing ending up upside down in expert server lol.

You don’t want to go slower, 125 is pretty slow for the CRJ900, 140-145 is more ideal for landing.

I had similar happen. Except I was descending perfectly with APPR on, and then the aircraft just pitched up for no reason and began to climb. I had to disengage auto pilot and take over. It happened to me in the 900 and 700.

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I fly the CRJX on a regular basis, and it should have a positive degree of pitch on approach if you have the aircraft trimmed properly and keep the speed between 135-140 on final. It also responds well to small inputs of throttle as an effective means of maintaining the desired approach speed.

Yea the nose went up on point on the decent and It was odd, unfortunately I didn’t take control fast enough obviously.

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