CRJ-900 autopilot issues

Hello Infinite Flight Community! The other day I was flying the CRJ9 out of DFW, I was at a good climb rate and speed. I had turned on autopilot to let it climb out, but shortly after the autopilot takes the plane into a straight nose dive and pushes the throttle to 100%. Is this a problem with the game, aircraft, or something I did wrong?

Thank You!

What was your Vertical Speed (Feet per minute), and altitude?

Is it possible that you forgot to set your speed to a reasonable pace? Having the aircraft too slow could have contributed to the stall. Additionally, a higher than needed V/S could have contributed to this.

A replay would really help in this case. AP could have been accidentally turned off or turned off because of something else like stalling for example. It is hard to really know for sure without a replay. Were you at the device the whole time?

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Was this the issue here from a few days ago?

Yes this issue was 2 day ago.

Also how do I make sure I get the violation taken away. I received a level 1 violation for “Aerobatic Maneuvers Near a Airport”

They should’ve been removed in the bulk removal. Can you check your violation history, and let me know if they are still there?

I had my speed set to 240 knots, and had my v/s set to 2500 fpm.

I will gladly upload my replay, but how do I do that I’ve never uploaded a replay?

Yes I was at my device the whole time as well

I just checked your violation history; it has been removed from your account.

Your issue was related to the highlighted post

Thank you!

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