CRJ-700 Wing Colors

Hey there community.
I was wondering if anybody has noticed this on the Alaskan (Horizon) CRJ-700. The right wing tip and left wing tip are different colors. The right one is blue as the left one is white. I was wondering if this is only on my device loading or not. Hope this is the right category.

As you can see the connection shows green as well as the picture has both wings. I dont know if this is in real life or not.

I don’t really see how this is an issue. I only see a difference in color caused by the sun’s shadow. Change the time and see 👍🏻


Do you see the winglet on the right it is blue and on the left the winglet is white. I dont know if this is a loading promblem or not.

Both are the same color as the wing for me. I think it’s just a shadow like Nate said, try changing your time in the pause menu.

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Both are the same and can show lighter or darker with the shadow. Play around with the time and see how it changes with the angle.

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Alright. Thank you I was just flying and it was like that then when I landed and it was the same. But now I changed the time and it looks good. Thank you @Nate_Schneller @Kevin_Potthast @Chris_S. You can close it @Chris_S


Just to do my due diligence I tried it out and took a video to make sure. All looks fine. Thanks for checking.