CRJ-700 rudder problem

I don’t know if this is normal but for the new CRJ-700 update whenever I turn my rudder in the controls right the plane’s rudder turns left. Any help would be appreciated!


Go to settings (gear)



Ensure that ‘Rev.’ is not checked.


This may be to do with a crosswind landing or you have invert controls on

No because in Solo it’s fine. I tried at an airport with 3 knots winds and it still happened.

Ok thanks, that worked. Thanks for the help!!! Mods could you please close this.

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@TheCoolPilot In the future, make sure that you have tested a so-called issue on multiple aircraft as the title is misleading. If its evident that one issue occurs on multiple aircraft then its something that is shares a similar feature with other aircraft, such as control settings.

But if an issue is solely on one aircraft then it is appropriate to put the make & model as you did in the title. Its helps reduce confusion, reduce time asking questions, and helps narrow down the issue.