CRJ-700 Proper Takeoff Speed and Landing Speed Settings.

I havent seen any recent tolics with this unless i missed it, but can somebody please help me? I need to know what Throttle percentage, Flaps setting, trim settings, V1 rotate speed, landing speed, can anybody provide assistance. I really want to fly this Eagle.

Here is a video that IF posted to help with this. I recommend checking it out.


For landing speeds its around 125-130 knots… But be careful on 125 knots… Sometimes the elevator stuck and you can enter a stall…


I land great at 130 knots and cutting to idle at 20 feet.


Like @Etrain said that video helps a lot.
Here’s a link to the full-fledged CRJ Tutorial:

The landing speed that works for me is about 125-140 depending on weight with flaps of 30 for landing. On take off idk the V1 and rotate either but try a positive trim of 34-40% and flaps 8 for takeoff 🛫 and just feel for when the plane begins to gain lift.

I have to say I’m really struggling to hold the centre line with this plane. It wants to veer to one side even in a light crosswind.

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For me it depends on the load. I calculate all the weights and get my landing speeds. Usually should be landing somewhere from 125-140. It is a good landing speed usually I land at 134kts and it makes a smooth perfect touchdown!

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