CRJ-700 Nose While Cruising

I was flying the CRJ-700 and while I was cruising it seemed that the nose was level or slightly down. It was very slight and I just wanted to know if that was normal and how it cruises in real life or if I need to add trim?

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Well it depends on altitude and speed with the pitch of youre nose at cruising and plus trim doesn’t help.

How fast were you cruising?

My speed was Mach 0.78

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I doubt it’s a problem. If your flying an appropriate altitude and you’ve said already your speed is .78 so you should be fine. Although I don’t fly the CRJ often so I could be wrong 😅🤷🏻‍♂️

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Just trim until there is no pink line and you should be good

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I tried that and I kept adjusting my trim and the pink vertical line wasn’t going away.

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Hmm… weight?

Hmm what are winds right now?

This was a previous flight, but the winds weren’t strong and it was a stable flight.

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I just want to know if this is how it is in real life this way I’m flying correctly.

If you are at a good alt and speed, its fine.

Ok thank you!

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Tangled with your question and its answer, I have been trying to find a decisive answer to the question: Does an aircraft in steady flight (constant horizontal and vertical speed) ever have a negative angle of attack?

Just to make sure - you’re flaps are up, right?

Yeah they are up

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