CRJ-700 Nose Slightly Down While Cruising

I noticed while flying the CRJ-700 the nose was slightly down when cruising and I was wondering if that is normal.

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What is your weight? :)

If it’s hard to notice, it’s probably just turbulence.

If not, check:

  • Airspeed
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My weight is 68,000IBS

Adjust your trim.

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This is absolutely normal

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Planes usually cruise with the nose pitched a bit up


What should I adjust it to for cruising?

See that pink line? Adjust it until there’s no more line (optimal trim).

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The vertical pink line?

That’s the one.

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Thank you so much!

Just to make sure, that it is realistic and the CRJ-700 does cruise like that with the nose pitched up a little?

All aircraft tend to cruise similarly. Your screenshot seems to be fine, though.

Almost all aircraft fly with a slight nose up attitude.

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I have been adding trim while cruising and the pink line isn’t going away, and without trim it seems that the aircraft’s nose is slightly tilted down and is that normal.

It’s fine you’re just probably flying fast, what’s you’re altitude and speed?

My speed was 0.78 and I was cruising at 28,200 feet.

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Ah that’s why you were cruising low and you’re weight is relatively low as well so you’re plane probably has too much lift and the nose is down. Not a serious problem but make sure to decrease speed before descent. Also may I see a screenshot?

Tangled with your question and its answer, I have been trying to find a decisive answer to the question: Does an aircraft in steady flight (constant horizontal and vertical speed) ever have a negative angle of attack?