CRJ-700 landing at EGLC London City

I’m wondering how everyone is coping with the 5.5° steep final approach at EGLC? I’ve done about 30 landings here and i have not had a prefect landing yet. Using the settings from the tutorial on u tube isn’t appropriate here as the plane speeds up on the steep approach. In real life, many jets will land with the spoilers to flight setting presumably to keep the speed down. In IF my best landings at EGLC have been trimmed to 100% manual flying except speed set to 120kts with spoilers set to flight until short final, then AP off on short final, power up a bit or the landing will be a bit hard. I’m sure there must be an easier way. Tricky if you ask me, landing the 700 or 900 anywhere else seems easy by comparison.


Practice, spamming a bunch of short finals won’t do anything. If not then calibrate your plane multiple times and try to control the aircraft as much as possible, make sure you are lined up with the ILS and monitor the speed right until the touch down point!

Tip: Always idle the throttle when at 20ft!

On a side note - If you are having trouble stabilizing the plane use APPR. APPR sometimes help and the people you saw might be using APPR.

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I don’t think the current APPR will do the steep approach


He’s talking about the steep approach for London City, he never mentioned calibration issues or the APPR setting.

OP: the CRJ isn’t approved for London City. It’s not equipped for steep approaches.

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APPR won’t work at this airport, the slag is too steep. In real life the approach must be performed manually too as autopilot can’t handle the step approach. Thanks for your thoughts

Aah thank you. I will stop flying it from here then and use the dash-8

I know the E190 is an older model and not one of the prettiest but it hand flies very easily. I’d say try that one too.


Why does this airport have a steep approach? I have been trying to figure it out lol can anybody help me? Like an explanation for dummies.

To avoid the Canary Wharf buildings and other obstructions. I heard it’s also for noise reduction.


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