CRJ-700 Frame Issue

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Hello. I recently updated to the CRJ update. When I went to open the app before I downloaded, my frame rate and chunks we’re smooth. I was even able to fly smoothly at 500mbs of ram. Now with the update,when I opened the app, pressed start, and switched camera views, the amount of frame rate issues and chunk of spike lag started getting created instantly. I tried to lower my graphics to at an all time low, disabled anti alias, and did this all on an empty airport. The frame rate Lagg did not stop, so I cleared my internal storage, cleared scenery cache, and even reinstalled the app. The lag did not stop not go away. I was at 500 mbs of ram like I normally am at high and medium settings but now I can barely control the aircraft.

I use a Revvl Plus, 2G ram storage, 32GB storage, and 500-600mbs used on average. Is there a way to fix this because even at lowest settings, this still occurs. Do you need me to create some sort of video about this or can this be resolved within the forum. I have read a topic like this that was recently closed by Chris and nothing has helped. Thank you.

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Please be specific as to what view(s) seem to be trouble for you.

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Mainly all. Is there any possible way to limit the frame rate. Even with the option and graphics at their lowest setting, the spikes of frame rate issues still occur

Did you do a fresh install? Instead of just updating, delete the app and then install a fresh build of the latest update.

Also, that device seemed to have some poor ratings from folks and could be considered a “budget phone” so maybe performance wise it is lacking. With so many android devices and versions of them, it’s difficult for the small Infinite Flight Team to test such a wide range of devices before releasing an update.

Try a fresh install and see if anything changes.

@Dan_77 any experience with this device or similar?

Alright. I managed to reinstall the app, but now I am unable to sign into my account as the game keeps crashing after the sign in page. Any predictions this could relate to the frame rate issues?

Okay, since you have a fresh build now let’s start over. Force close the app and remove it from the background. Power down your device and reboot then relaunch IF.

Ensure you have the latest firmware installed as well. We missed this in our journey to help you so far.

Hello Chris, I am happy to report back that it fixed the frame rate issues. I am thankful for your service. You may close the thread. Thanks you.

Also, don’t know how long it will remain like this until more planes start downloading and taking up space, so if thats the reason why, let me know! TTYL

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