CRJ 700 falling through the ground

Hey! Recently I spawned in at EDDF. When I calibrated the plane started a bit in the air. Then it proceeded it bounce on the ground. After that the nose gear dipped below the terrain and the rest of the plane followed. The plane kept falling and also gave me a violation because it kept gaining speed.

I have a IPad Air on the latest operating system. Thanks.

Hi there! I’d recommend the following:

  • Delete the app
  • Restart your device
  • Do a fresh install of the latest build.

With the new update this probably shouldn’t have occurred. Do those steps and report back.


Roger, thanks and I will update you when I complete these steps.

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Alright so I completed your steps and it worked. There is no more fallin through the ground. Do you know why the nose dips when I spawn in? It seems as though the plane spawns a bit above the ground and falls and bounces. Thanks for your help!

Just wanted to add for other users that may experience this.

From FDS Staff

  • Exit the app immediately
  • Restart the app
  • Clear Cache in the General Settings and try spawning in again.

This topic was updated from information per Sebastian (Community Support Manager)