CRJ 700 Elevator Problem

So, i’m flying from Tallinn to London City. During landing,my elevator stuck and i cannot push it down. So after landing i tried to calibrate it but it doesnt work and stayed at the up position. Is this a bug?

Here is the video that explained my issue


Did you use elevator trim ?

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I already pushed the elevator trim to -100% but its still slightly in the up position


Well if there was no response at all on the control surfaces it was most likely a bug.

I did had It myself as well (luckily not during flight) that all of those did not response.
It was most likely an issue with the gyro in my/ your device.

This bug did only disappear after restarting the device!

To answer the question, no we have not had elevator reports before.

Do you have a screen shot of what you are seeing. Please take the screen shot including your flight controls.


I have the video but its a bit fast… I dunno how to upload it on ifc though

I dont think you can upload videos.

Does your controlsurfaces elevator rudder aileron not respond or only elevator?
Did they keep not responding after ending the flight and do another one or even after restarting the app?


Try double clicking on the Autopilot, Heading, Speed, Altitude, and VS buttons.

Sometimes, the AP freezes up. This has happened to me once, not with the CRJ, and the above solution helped.


Only elevator and weirdly only stuck up during landing… Not during take off or cruise

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Well i dont have the time to double tap the AP during landing… But i’ll try it next time

I had this issue as well- I had to restart my iPad. It must’ve glitched out the accelerometer sensors.

Is it on the CRJ 700 or other planes? I also had the issue on the cessna 208… This issue is very sporradic… Sometimes it does happen sometimes it dont

If it’s what’s I think then it’s a common issue, it’s not a fault with a plane but the app and the device. A restart of the device is usually required

That gyro/accelerometer bug does happen from time to time on any aircraft for me.

And as is said you can fix it by restarting the device.

Ive had it before with an MD-11. Im pretty sure it is a glitch but you can still get out of it if you use your trim.

I think it’s happened on other aircraft as well.

if none of the above have worked, maybe reinstall the app? i don’t really know what else you can do at this point to be honest

Me too actually… I already tried everything,reinstall restart and nothing worked… I stalled 3-4 times on landing due to this bug

Your video really didnt help because it was time lapsed. I could see some of it paused.

What device are you using?
If you download a level app or something else that uses the sensors do you experience the same behavior?
What happens if you go to the external camera, place the device flat on a table, then calibrate?
Are you using a joystick/flight yoke?

oh sorry to hear that :( i can’t really help you in that case, maybe try what @Chris_S is suggesting?