CRJ-700 Autopilot failure

I flew the crj 700 twice in the past 2 days and when I was on final , it will sway up and down until I stall and crash , this only happens when I’m on final and it’s similar to the a321 autopilot glitch , and I checked and winds were not extreme , I don’t know if it’s a glitch or im not flying it right

could we have some more imformation to better assist you?
such as-

  • approach speed
  • load

You could be too slow for the weight you are flying at

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Can’t get a grasp on the load but I remember my speed was around 135

Autopilot may have quit because you could have been stalling due to extra weight.

at what stage of the approach? was it short final or still 10 miles out?

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Were you using APPR mode or just normal autopilot?

I was on short final

Just regular AUto pilot

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135 knots is normal approach speed, what parts of the aircraft did you have auto pilot controlling, also what were your flap settings?

Was there a stall warning?

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My flaps were at 20 , ap was controlling heading and descent rate and to hold speed at 135

Yea I got a stall warning

Well there you go. It was a stall.

you were most likely to slow for the flap speeds you were at, id recommend being faster or having flaps at 30,
refer to this tutorial for help landing.

I just watched it but I’ll probably watch it again for future references cause I’m not used to flying regional aircraft

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its a good idea to practice new aircraft on solo that way you avoid getting violations and crashing :)

Yea , sometimes honestly I don’t think and just go right in , but if I do get violations I’m already in the air

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I would try to practice in solo mode so you can learn and be able to familiarize yourself with the aircraft. Also here are some videos if you still need help landing the CRJ-700 and CRJ-900, these should help you but if you still have issues feel free to ask for help.

CRJ 700 Landing Tutorial by Infinite Flight

CRJ 900 Landing Tutorial by Infinite Flight

Also thank you for these tutorials Mark!


So to conclude what has been put above and to complete the circle of this thread:

  • 135kts with flap 20 is too slow, you stalled.
  • 135kts with flap full is too slow, you won’t stall but you’ll struggle to maintain glide slope.
  • 140-145kts with flaps full, aiming for wheels to touch down at 135kts is perfect. You’ll nail the landing.

These beauties are something of a hobby for me, I have been flying them constantly since their release so I could get landing and takeoff nailed. I have done.

Landing and approach speeds are really high for the CRJ series compared to others, try the last bullet up top then come back and mark this thread as solved.

Thanks dude, take it easy till next time!


Thank you so much I greatly appreciate the help