CRJ-200PF Cargo

Ok do basically a typical CRJ-200, I am not aware if other models also have a Cargo Hualing Option, but this is a Cargo CRJ, Mabey the IF Community would like this, I am also unaware if this is a duplicate so please correct me if I’m wrong, Well vote if you enjoy and cya.

I was amazed when I saw this.

Ha ha, how cute. To carry what a bag of chips 😂

I must say, this is something I have never seen before very interesting. Great request!


Well I dont know, I was just looking around FR24 and saw this, I was confused but mabey smaller airports cant take 757,767 or 737s so the CRJ is the option cant wait in 40 years when the first cargo 787 rolls out lol

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This reminds me of W.A.S 294 ( western air Sweden 294)

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Nice one this one it’s used as a post service aircraft here in Norway

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Its been 2 years man. When i posted this my life was so different lol. Good times


A bump! This is interesting…


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Mines older, going on 3 years

Maybe let the moderators decide…