CRJ 200 United Battleship Livery

The battleship livery is one of my favorite liveries! We only have one other battleship livery. It would be nice to have another battleship livery on the upcoming CRJ Update. I think this particular livery looks the best on the CRJ 200! It would be nice to do some short hops with this airplane!


If you like this livery please vote!

This is one of my favorite liveries of all time. Truly a classic. However, I feel like it won’t come as they don’t exist anymore and because United has a new livery that is much more modern. But who knows, Frontier JetExpress is coming and that doesn’t exist anymore either.


So small…
How long is the flight time aprox with this plane?

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It has 1,000-2,000 nm range

I hope the CRJ reworks get ready the sooner. I have recently got very interested in flying smaller airliners.

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Looks like a nice livery, could be a nice addition to the update

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