CRJ-200 Takeoff

When attempting to fly the CRJ-200 I always come across a constant problem on takeoff. As I begin to rotate, the plane turn violently and makes everything very unreaslistic!
Today I attempted and ended up flying sideways before crashing!
I take off at the correct speeds too and I don’t rotate very sharply either to try and avoid these problems
Can anyone help?


It’s a very old model. It will have these problems so until its redone, this is what we’ll have to put up with.


What was your Rotate speed? if you were exceeding that by a fair amount you will begin to slide on the runway.

Specify that. Don’t be so sure as to eliminate speed as a factor. Tell us what speed you’re rotating at. :)

Be sure to calibrate your device properly. Ensure your flight controls work before attempting to takeoff. Do you have positive control of the aircraft while it’s on the ground?

The CRJ-200 is an older model and isn’t anyways as realistic as some of the newer planes in IF. It’s susceptible to issues.


Usually around 120-140 kts as its a smaller aircraft

Wind speeds and direction relative to the RWY you are taking off from.

I had them on 0knts and 0° to see if it made it easier

Add a notch of flaps, and rotate at above 140 or higher. Make sure the rudder isn’t touched on takeoff

I would wait until its re done. The dynamics of it are off a tad.

Yet another example of why the CRJ needs a rework.

@Capt.teddy… MaxSez: Google is your friend! Here are the techspecs for the CRJ-200 found on the Web at

Takeoff Speeds
Low End Speeds based on 34000lb weight
High End Speeds based on 53000lb weight
speeds not corrected for pressure altitude and temp, anti-ice, or APR
so as listed valid for sea level, temp -40C to 10C, zero slope, zero wind
V1 Flap 8 111-150 Flap 20 101-140
Vr Flap 8 111-150 Flap 20 104-140
V2 Flap 8 127-158 Flap 20 117-147
Vfto 151-188
Vfto FL210 195
Vfto FL270 210
Vfto FL350 225

Landing Speeds

Low End Speeds/distances based on 34000lb weight
High End Speeds/distances based on 47000lb weight
Actual Landing Distance = dry field landing length x 0.6 - dry runway, zero wind, zero slope, crossing 50TCH at Vref.
Landing Distances given for sea level and flaps 45- not corrected for pressure altitude or flap setting

Flap 45
Vapp 125-147
Vref 120-142
Actual Landing Distance 2313ft-2909ft

Flap 20
Vapp 137-159
Vref 132-154
Actual Landing Distance No Thrust Reverser (Flap 45 ALD x 1.20) / With Thrust Reverser (Flap 45 ALD x 1.22)

Flap 0
Vapp 155-177
Vref 150-172
Actual Landing Distance No Thrust Reverser (Flap 45 APD x 1.70) / With Thrust Reverser (Flap 45 ALD x 1.65)

Vref Flap 45 = 1.30 x Vs0
Vref Flap 20 = 1.37 x Vs0

Other Speeds

0 - 8000ft 330kts
8000ft - FL255 335kts
FL255 - FL280 M0.80
FL280 - FL316 315kts
FL316 - FL410 M0.85

Va 53000lbs FL300 305kts Sea Level 240kts
Va 30000lbs FL390 224kts Sea Level 161kts

Vle 250kts
Vlo (extension) 250kts
Vlo (retraction) 200kts

Vfe 8/20 230kts
Vfe 30 185kts
Vfe 45 170kts

Vturb 280kts / M0.75
Max speed for wiper operation 220kts
Max speed with ADG deployed 250kts (for windmill airstarts 330kts allowed for 12mins max / 335kts allowed for 4mins max)
Max speed for manual ADG deployment / ADG flight testing 215kts
Max tire wheel speed 182kts
Max speed with APU door open and APU shutdown 300kts

I guess while we’re at it:

Max ramp 53250lbs (edited typed 53350 instead of 53250)
Max takeoff 53000lbs
Max landing 47000lbs
Max ZFW 44000lbs
Minimum flight weight 30000lbs


True, the same happened to me too. I also have trouble landing. This is my worst plane on IF

Its just due to its old state, its one of the oldest and non-redone planes in IF

Hey there @Capt.teddy -

I just tried a takeoff from KSFO with flaps 8 and V1 of 120. N1 for takeoff = 90%. Very smooth liftoff, solid climb out, no roll artifacts.

I don’t know where you set your throttles for takeoff but on a jetliner model I never slam the throttles to the firewall, I will choose a realistic N1 max and let time and the airflow over the wings do their work.

Perhaps also double check calibration just before takeoff?


Wow! Google… is this a new app? Where can I download it?

Looks like it could be a winner.

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