CRJ-200 Old Airline Liveries

The CRJ-200 is yet to be released, and there are some airlines that I have yet to see a livery for. They would be quite interesting to see in the sim and would make for some good flights.

Note that all of the liveries on this list are yet to be confirmed.

Independence Air operated more than 80 CRJ-200s in 2005. They were a low-cost airline based out of Washington Dulles airport. They flew to more than 30 destinations throughout the US.

airTran JetConnect was operated by Air Wisconsin and had a fleet of 25 CRJ-200s. Their hub was Milwaukee and the airline operated for just two years. Despite the short operation time, the livery looked stunning on the CRJ and it would be one of my favorite liveries.

U.S. Airways had a fleet of CRJ-200s when they operated, and it’s honestly one of my very favorite liveries out there.

Delta Connection operated CRJ-200s in the “Wavy Gravy” livery and… it looked interesting to say the least.

And finally, a livery that isn’t old… the current United CRJ-200.

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