CRJ-200 loading issue

I can click ok and fly the CRJ-200 but I can’t chose a livery. Also, the image doesn’t load fully.

I wanted to ask before I deleted the app and re-downloaded it.

The CRJ only has a United Express livery. That loading issue is weird though. Try reinstalling.

Can’t choose another livery just one. And maybe its because your wifi or connection is poor.

I checked this:

That is why I assumed there was more than one. Still weird though.

I’ll reinstall it. Thank you.

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That spreadhseet only tells you the liveries that are missing from IF. Hopefully some of them will be added with the upcoming CRJ rework.

Ahh ok. The person who made it wasn’t clear as to what it was and I didn’t check all the other aircraft. Thank you though.

Edit: And I am on a iPhone and couldn’t see what was after Airllane Livery List /

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Fly it… Fly it and remember what it is is like… Turn on NAV and appreciate the smoothness of its navigation…

Remember… For the future will be better.


Where did you find this file?

I don’t remember it was hard to find.

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I remember seeing someone making a post about it last year or the year before

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ah yes, I saw that there are some Brazilian liveries, so I was interested :)

That reinstall worked, thanks all. 👌


I will always remember the old NAV on the CRJ. Too many memories of me trying to land it into Chicago back in 2013. Oh, the good old days.

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