CRJ-200 inaugural flight @ CYUL- CANCELLED

Server: Expert

Airport: CYUL

Time: 0100Z, Monday , August 13


NOTAM: Join me as we commemorate the release of the CRJ-200 by flying from CYUL (major airport nearest to bombardiers main factory) to KSFO (major base of flying development studio)

  • CYUL
  • KSFO
  • CRJ-200
  • FDS livery
  • Departing runways 24L/R
  • Arriving runways 28R/L
  • Mantain 8nm spacing
  • fighter escorts (F-22) are allowed and will lead the pack
Fighter escorts

FBO flight support 01- - Callsign HALO 1
FBO flight support 02- - Callsign HALO 2
FBO flight support 03- - Callsign HALO3
only allowing 3 escorts, escorts must use Callsign above


Gate 01b- @Sammy_Droubi- N83AF
Gate 02- @Calib_Wilson- VH-MYY
Gate 03-
Gate 04
Gate 05
Gate 06
Gate 07
Gate 08
Gate 09
Gate 10
Gate 11
Gate 12
Gate 15b
more Gates added if needed

The fighter escorts are my inner child speaking, please let me know if the HALO Callsigns are wrong or something.

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I’m trying to figure out if I will be available for this, just give me a few minutes, looks like a nice event.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend. Sounds like a great event though.

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Is it the time that doesn’t work?

The time and the day. A combination of the two, I won’t be able to make it on Sunday night but I could do Monday afternoon/night

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Ah ok, hopefully I can catch you next time!

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I’m keen to join you on this.

Alright, what gate/ callsign would you like?

Oops sorry can I have hate 02 and my callsign will be VH-MYY. Thanks heaps Sammy

You got it!
See you there

I’ve made it a wiki so regulars can add attendees when I’m sleeping or not available (I should be able to add most participants).

I’ll take a gate please

Awesome, Gate 03 is all yours!
And your call sign?

N156HVY will be my callsign

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What time is this at for me.
Montreal, Canada

Shouldn’t it be out of CYMX and not CYUL?

Should be 9 PM.
I’ll confirm and get back to you.

I’d change it but I want proper gates atc, also air support gates looks neat for the escorts.
Thanks for pointing it out though!

if it’s really at 9pm, I most certainly won’t be able to attend. Would it be possible to change the time to 1pm or around that time?

No, are you Easter time?