CRJ 200 fuel capacity

Wikipedia says fuel capacity for CRJ 200 is 6489 kg in total. Some other sources suggest left and right wing can each hold ~2159 kg, and the center tank can hold ~2267 kg. The numbers don’t add up exactly the same but quite close.
But on IF, left and right wing tanks can hold 6488 in total (which is already the total capacity based Wikipedia), and the central tank can hold another 1000 kg, bringing the total capacity to 7488, which doesn’t make sense to me.
Am I missing anything? Like in IF it’s CRJ 200 LR, with some increased fuel capacity. Or it’s just IF designed it incorrectly?
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there are many types of modified versions of aircraft to carry more/less fuel. For example a C172 can hold as little as 30 gallons but as much as 55 gallons, depending on modifications to the aircraft so it’s a wikipedia is probally referring to the POH to the CRJ where it says the standard fuel tank, and IF might be using a modified version of the CRJ.

or idk mayby they did design it wrong I am not a CRJ pilot but that’s my best guess.

Wikipedia should not be a trusted source to use though. Thought that was something everyone learned in school


On page 22 of the attached PDF, it says the CRJ-200LR has a max fuel capacity of 47,000 pounds, while the CRJ-200 has 14,000 pounds in ideal scenarios. The seems relatively trustworthy, because it’s from Bombardier themselves.


47,000 is the MLW for the CRJ-200LR, 47000 pounds of fuel in a CRJ-200 and it becomes a business jet fighter with a range of like 15 hours. The usable fuel is 1,400 gallons which is (to what I could find) 9,450 pounds (~4300 kg), and the LR about 14,400 pounds (~6500 kg). So it would seem IF’s version is modeled after the LR.


To stop you cheating on your exams perhaps. It may not be a 100% reliable source, Wikipedia themselves say this, but the majority of information on the website is based on real world data

The CRJ200 should be able to hold a typical fuel payload of 1400 US Gallons/ 5300L at a MTOW of 21,523kg. The MTOW in sim 24,041kg which is closer to the MTOW of the 200ER, looking at data from the transmittal letter linked by Mort.

It’s possible the data used within the simulator is based on the 200ER. Whether this is intentional or not, no idea. A good number of the liveries are from ER/LR variants, so it’s possible that we actually have the 200ER, it’s just not labelled as such.

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No one taught me in school to trust wikipedia. Haha!! :D

thanks for @Mort for sharing the file. Also appreciate others’ lecture on not trusting wikipedia.
From the PDF, we can confirm with info I just mentioned including wikipedia: that the maximum fuel capacity under ER/LR version is 8081L/2135 US gallon/6488kg/14305 lbs. The central fuel tank (2267kg/735 L) gives the additional capacity of LR/ER compared to the basic version. So still, the extra 1000 kg fuel capacity for CRJ 200 (let’s take it as ER) is still confusing. One possibility, other than a mistake by IF, is that IF takes some auxiliary fuel tanks into account, which might add 573 gallon (PATS Aircraft Receives EASA STCs for CRJ-200 Auxiliary Fuel System and Interior | Aviation Pros) or 675 gallon (Canada's MJET squeezes more range out of corporate CRJ200 | News | Flight Global). But another contradiction here is that either 675 or 573 gallons weighs much more than 1000 kg

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