CRJ 200 flies like normal with passenger door open

Device: Google Pixel 5
Operating system: Android 13

Hi guys, so today I left the door open while flying VILH-VIDP on a CRJ 200. While this was not intentional, why it went unnoticed was because I never got any warnings that the door is open and there’s absolutely no impact on aircraft stability or the fuel consumption or drag as a result of the open door. How can I file a bug report for this?

That’s not really a bug :) some people use it for parachuting trips :)


I imagine it would be pretty difficult if you left the door open to add drag, it would be ripped off anyway, leading to a weak point in the structure, It isnt a bug. The door is purely a visual thing, will not affect your flight, the only thing is that you can close it once off the ground as with other planes doors.


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